Hi,  I am Ravindran Krishnan, lives and loves Chennai. More than 30 years of my lifespan spent in Saudi and Dubai. Though basically I am an Electronics Engineer and worked all my career in the newspaper printing field, I found my passion towards money, investing and training. This led me to study and obtain qualifications such as Associate Financial Planner, Advisor on Mutual Funds and Certified Professional in Capital Markets – NSE India.

Apart from these, I am a Senior Toastmaster and interested in training people on subjects related to finance and investing. Moreover, I write articles in Nanayam Vikatan, which is one of the leading financial magazines in Tamilnadu. I also work towards the progress of youngsters by providing them the much needed financial education as children/youth today get quality academic education, but sadly without the knowledge of how to manage their income prudently. Like elders, they are also forced to learn money management by trial and error method.

My understanding is that everyone has two simple responsibilities concerning money. One is to meet their obligations, and the other is to ensure that money is put to its best possible use. I help people achieve these objectives with a suite of initiatives aimed at imparting knowledge to help them make meaningful financial decisions. I have been conducting seminars and workshops on subjects related to Financial Planning and Investments to various groups in gulf countries for the past 15 years. Please find below the trainings I provide.

1. Financial Education for Senior Students and Youth
2. Financial Planning for Young Families
3. Basics of Stock Market and Mutual Funds Investing

The above financial education courses are designed to provide learners the essential knowledge, skills and competencies to better manage their finance. The duration of these courses vary, but can be modified according to client’s convenience.

Best Regards
Ravindran Krishnan
Associate Financial Planner – Financial Planning Standards Board of India (FPSB)
Advisor – Mutual Funds – Association of Mutual Funds in India (AMFI)
Certified Professional in Capital Markets – National Stock Exchange (NSE), India
Trainer – LEGACY International for Children for personality development
Public Speaker and senior member of Toastmasters International Organization